Up North Short Film Night

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Some great photos by Patrick Phillips of our very first Up North event. Great films, packed room, superb evening!

A Very Big Thankyou

Up North would like to thank everyone who made the night possible, it was a huge success and and the atmosphere was electric! Up North came about when White Cloth presented three volunteers the opportunity to create a film event within the gallery. We wanted to celebrate the talented film making going on locally and as the first photography and film gallery in the North, White Cloth was the perfect setting. We can’t thank everyone at the gallery enough for all the support they have given, as the night wouldn’t have been possible without their help. We had a great time creating the night and we hope you enjoyed watching the films as much as we did, from the success of the first ever Up North Short Film night we can’t wait to do it again.

Each film received a massive round of applause and we got amazing feedback and kind words in person on the night and on our twitter (@UpNorthFilm). We asked the audience to vote for their favourite film for a People’s Choice Award and we are very happy to report that Hooped (Jamie McKeller) came away with the gold disc prize! We hope that the films made you laugh, think and get inspired, if you missed any of them or want to see your favourite again check below for links to all the films.

We were really lucky that many of the brilliant people behind the films came along to White Cloth, as well as all the other local film lovers and makers who were there. It was lovely to meet those of you that attended and the night was a testament to everything we love about the northern creative scene. We hope you had a chance to meet each other and network- we’d love some collaborations to come out of the evening. To keep up to date with all our Up North news check back here and on our twitter and keep your eyes peeled for the next Up North event!

A few snaps from the Up North Short Film Night. We hope you had as much fun as we did!

The Up North Films

Did you miss any of the fantastic films on Wednesday? Or just want to see them again or show your friends? Well here they all are!

Winner: Hooped (Jamie McKeller) http://vimeo.com/51107525

Second Place: El Patron- The Pablo Escobar Story (Will Child) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SUfewp8iik

Third Place: Jambon (Scott Parkin) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZz5cegB_SE&feature=youtu.be

And all the other fantastic films (in no particular order!)

Uncommon Ideals (Chris McClean & Mark Waters) http://vimeo.com/28143591

Petrified (Nicky Whitfield) http://vimeo.com/24232820

Hooped (Jamie McKeller) http://vimeo.com/51107525

Collaboration (Leeds Made) http://leedsmade.co.uk/

Believe (Richard Addlesee) http://vimeo.com/52558418

Winter (Ed Torsney) http://edtorsney.co.uk/archives/category/seasons

Leviathon (Daniel Land) http://vimeo.com/53251465

Pussy (Debbie Howard) http://vimeo.com/33105900 please email debbie@bigbuddhafilms.co.uk for the password

Cosplay (Peter Dench & Ben Turner) http://vimeo.com/31795274

Future Skies (Ian Thurston) http://vimeo.com/50598054

Eleanor (Jim Martin & Oliver Rothwell) http://vimeo.com/27116562

My Own Hands (Dom Bush) http://vimeo.com/38103421

North West Five (Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou) http://vimeo.com/24527327

Magic Show (Richard Wheatley) http://vimeo.com/52581411

If any of the films are still password protected try again in a couple of days and they should be available.

And the winner is…

HOOPED (Dir. Jamie McKeller) Won the Very first UpNorth Peoples Choice Award from last nights event! Well Done - Hope to see you all again sometime soon!

UpNorth Trailer

Up North is all about celebrating the fantastic northern cultural scene. Next week we’ll be showcasing some amazing films from great local filmmakers but theres loads of other local events to get excited about.. Check out My Life in Leeds for a great guide of things to do:  http://www.mylifeinleeds.co.uk/guides/things-to-do-in-leeds/ 

Up North Film Programme

Uncommon Ideals (Chris McClean & Mark Waters) Few are aware that the cold grey waters of the North Sea cover a prehistoric landscape that once joined England to Europe. This area, known as Doggerland, was engulfed by water and the entire land sank beneath the sea.  Filmed in the North East and Norway, this stunning film navigates the heady waters of the North Sea surfers.

Petrified (Nicky Whitfield) You’d think life on a church roof would be pretty peaceful, but not for Fletcher the gargoyle. This delightful animation from Bradford  reveals the escapades of one downtrodden gargoyle and a  very pesky pigeon.

Hooped (Jamie McKeller) Filmed in York last summer, this charming romantic comedy is about finding love in unusual circumstances.

Collaboration (Leeds Made)This insightful documentary looks at the creative scene in Leeds and the individuals that make it happen through collaboration.

Believe (Richard Addlesee) Its the end of the world but one young girl has a plan. Made in and around Edinburgh and Greater Manchester, doomsday has never looked more achingly real or refreshingly hopeful.

Winter (Ed Torsney) The winter sun rises over a crisp, cold Yorkshire landscape. Winter is a beautiful narrative woven together from 100 years of footage from the Yorkshire Film Archive. 

Leviathan (Daniel Land) Inspired by the seven deadly sins, the tortured souls featured in this avant garde short from Leeds evoke both high fashion and horror aesthetics.

Pussy (Debbie Howard) Ellie is the victim of crude name calling at school but today she’s standing up to the taunts. Finding it too much to deal with alone, her parents step in and help her to regain her power in this gripping film from Sheffield.

El Patron- The Pablo Escobar Story (Will Child) An animated  mini-documentary, using papier mache puppets and hand made sets, tells the story of the notorious cocaine baron Pablo Escobar.

Cosplay (Peter Dench & Ben Turner) Meet the eccentric costume play enthusiasts and their array of comic book, film and game characters.

Jambon (Scott Parkin) A fragrance like no other.

Future Skies (Ian Thurston) Adam meets Irani a girl claiming to be a time traveller and together they explore the city, in this experimental short. Approx 90% of Future Skies was created using an iPhone 4s with the 8mm vintage camera and a filmic pro apps.

Eleanor (Jim Martin & Oliver Rothwell) Discover the charming and colourful love story between a mermaid and a fisherman in this lo-fi gem.

My Own Hands (Dom Bush) Set within the breathtaking landscape of the Lake District, delve into one man’s most unusual hobby.

North West Five (Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou) A gritty crime drama about the fractured relationship between a father and son, set on a London council estate.

Magic Show (Richard Wheatley)Set amidst an enchanting forest, a flamboyant British magician encounters some disastrous language barriers.

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Submissions are now CLOSED.

The UpNorth Team would like to thank everyone over the past month who has supported us, through twitter and beyond, and especially the amazing quality and quantity of Short Films that have been supplied.

We will finalize the selection very soon, and emailing EVERYONE with an answer. If we could ask Everyone who has submitted for the event to please have a copy of your short film, at it’s highest resolution possible, on a DVD ready to be sent to us. We will email you the address and information.

Again, THANK YOU all for the support, we look forward to meeting you all and a fantastic night of NORTHERN short films!


The UpNorth Team.